Air conditioning warranties: are they important?

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Like any other piece of technology, air conditioning units should be supplied with a warranty to offer protection for breakdowns and replacement parts. A long warranty will give you peace of mind that in the event of a fault you have cover that will lower repair costs. In this article we explain why air conditioning warranties are important and what you should look out for.

Manufacturer warranties and installer warranties

When you hire a company to install your air conditioning unit it is important to understand the type of warranty protection you have in place. There are two different types of warranty: one from the manufacturer for parts and another from the installer related to the work they carry out.

For example, at AAC we offer a full 7 year warranty to cover parts and replacements, plus a full 1 year labour warranty for the installation of new parts. This ensures the systems we install have a much longer period of cover, reducing your overall expenditure.

When making enquiries about a new air conditioning system be sure to ask about the type of warranty you are receiving. In some instances the installation company may lead you to believe you have a much longer warranty than you actually do, with many smaller businesses only offering 1 year’s cover.

However, if you experience any problems after this time and you are unable to contact the installer, the manufacturer may struggle to trace the authenticity of the warranty, forcing you to spend money for repairs that should have been avoided.

Comparing warranty length against price

Understandably, cost will be one of your main concerns when it comes to installing and maintaining your air conditioning system.

However, going for the low cost option does not always guarantee you will receive the best value. If you are offered a higher price with a longer warranty, you stand a better chance of having a good level of protection in the event of a breakdown.

Paying less money upfront with a shorter warranty attached only means you have protection for a limited amount of time. If you struggle to get back in touch with the original installer, this could leave you with a faulty installation in need of costly repairs, or a system that could even stop working in the space of a few months.

When you are shopping around for air conditioning quotes, it is advisable to receive no more than three (any more is confusing) and to avoid telling other companies what their competitors have offered in terms of price.

It means you get an honest and transparent quote that can be compared along with all the other benefits of the service, including the warranty, rather than making a decision based on cost.

Is your air conditioning unit nearing the end of its warranty?

If you need help with repairs, maintenance or servicing, or are considering installing a new system, get in touch with AAC today to arrange a free quote and survey. Email or call 01707 32 55 66.

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