Are Air Conditioning Units Expensive to Run?

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One of the most common questions we are asked by customers thinking of installing an AC system is: “Are air conditioning units expensive to run?” There are a number of different factors that will determine the full cost of running an air conditioning unit and we explain this in more detail below.

Portable air conditioning

Small portable air conditioners are probably the cheapest to buy, although they will not produce the long-term cooling effect your home needs and will likely end up being quite expensive to run over time. They work more as air coolers rather than air conditioners and struggle to affect humidity levels.

Split air conditioning systems

This involves the installation of two separate units; the air handling unit and the air or water-cooled condensing unit. They are incredibly effective at cooling humid spaces and are used in both domestic and commercial properties. In some cases split air conditioning systems may be the preferred option as they are cheaper to buy and can be more efficient compared to duct systems.

Duct air conditioning systems

Large commercial buildings will usually feature duct air conditioning systems. They are controlled by a central unit and distribute the conditioned air to various areas of the building via built-in ducts. However, they tend to lack efficiency as the air temperature can rise as it travels through the duct system, having the opposite effect to its intended purpose.

Check your insulation

How well your home is insulated will also influence how much you pay. A well-insulated building can help keep the temperature lower during the summer and maintain a consistent level. The opposite is just as true, which means the building will remain much hotter if not insulated well enough. If you have good insulation then air conditioning costs are more likely to be lower.

Good maintenance

All systems benefit from good maintenance, which will ensure you get more value for money in the long run. Regularly cleaning and servicing the air conditioning unit will enable it to reach higher levels of performance on a consistent basis whilst remaining as efficient as possible. Taking a proactive approach means you are less likely to have to pay for expensive repairs that could have been avoided. Cleaning away dirt and dust clogged in the unit is a simple but effective way of getting the most from your air conditioning unit.

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