Benefits of electric car charging at home and work

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If you own an electric car, there are a number of benefits that come with being able to charge it at home or at work. We cover some of the main points below, so you can decide if installing a charge point is right for you.

Electric car charging for home

Lower costs

Installing a residential charging station gives you unlimited energy from the same source that heats your home. You will likely see a small increase in your overall electrical bill, but it will still be cheaper than traveling to public charging points. The installation process will require a professional to do the job for you, and it has to be a certified EV electrician – a regular electrician will not be qualified to carry out the job.

Much more convenient

A type 2 charger will usually take around 3-7 hours to fully charge your electric car. The convenience of being able to charge at home makes your life much easier, especially if your battery is running low. Waiting for hours at a charging station is not realistic, but with a home charger all you have to do is park up, plug in and go about your normal business as it charges.

Better safety

Having your car on your own driveway is always much safer than leaving it out in public. Using a public station can take a long time, and there’s always the chance it could be damaged by the weather, vandalised, or worse still, even stolen. As long as the charger is installed safely by a certified EV electrician, it is easy and completely safe to charge it yourself at home.

Benefits of business electric car charging

Added value

Employees will feel more valued if they have the option to charge their car at work. It saves them the hassle and cost of installing and charging at home, and improves morale and productivity. The same is true of customers if you own a retail outlet – plus it means they stay on your premises for longer which should result in more sales.

Sustainable profile

Whether it’s employees or customers, today almost everyone wants to be associated with a business that is making a commitment to helping the environment. Installing an EV charging point demonstrates your commitment and wider brand values, making you a more attractive place to work and do business with.

Overall convenience

If an employee knows they can charge their EV at work after travelling in, it makes their day much easier to manage. It also enables them to make important savings on fuel and maintenance costs, and less time spent looking for places to park and charge their vehicle.

How to install your electric car charger

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