Benefits of electric cars

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It seems everyone is talking about electric cars. The technology has come on leaps and bounds in recent years and more and more people are switching from petrol and diesel engine cars to vehicles powered by electric. But what are the benefits of electric cars? Read on to find out how they could benefit you.

Environmentally friendly

The main reason why electric cars are being promoted and discussed so much is because of the environmental benefits they offer. Pure electric vehicles do not emit any exhaust gases, which reduces the amount of air pollution produced in built up areas. And It’s not just the planet electric cars are helping – the more that are on the road, the better quality of air everyone is able to breathe in on a daily basis.

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Cheaper running costs

Compared to petrol or diesel, the cost of using an electric car is a lot lower. For example, on average you can expect to pay around £1.30 per 100 miles in an electric car (using an off-peak electric tariff). Based on average fuel prices from February 2021, it would cost over £11 using petrol or diesel to cover the same distance.

Some local councils also enable you to use some charge points completely free of charge. There is no road tax required to own a pure electric car and you can get a £10 annual discount on some hybrids. Electric cars require less maintenance and because there are fewer moving parts servicing is much more straightforward.

Lower congestion charges

Clean Air Zones introduced in some areas encourage people to switch to electric cars as fossil fuel-driven vehicles have to pay fees within certain boundaries. For example, if you own an electric car in London you can drive into the Ultra Low Emission Zone (£12.50 a day) and congestion zone completely free of charge. This will produce significant savings for anyone that has to travel into the city on a regular basis.

Smoother driving experience

Driving an electric car gives offers three main advantages over a vehicle with an internal combustion engine. The electric motor offers instant torque so you enjoy responsive acceleration. Secondly, regenerative braking helps to improve the efficiency of the battery. The third benefit can be seen in the safety, handling and comfort given to the driver thanks to the lower centre of gravity and weight distribution of the batteries in the car.

Thinking of switching to an electric car?

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