Can air conditioning keep you warm in the winter?

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Air conditioning usually brings to mind a cooling process that makes things more bearable on hot days. However, modern AC units have much more to offer and you can now buy models that will not only keep you cool in the summer, but also warm your home through the winter. Here’s how.

Combined air conditioning systems

A combined, all-in-one air conditioning system reverses the traditional process used to cool the space, with cold air extracted and warmer air pumped into the room in its place. So rather than use a heater that bumps up the electricity bill, a HVAC (heating, ventilation and air conditioning) system could be a better option. Some people turn around their old air conditioners so the cooling vent faces away and the warm air comes into the home. However, this only really works with window units and will probably drive up utility bill costs.

Air heat source pumps

Air heat source pumps are not only an alternative to traditional air conditioning systems, but they also offer a more eco-friendly way of heating your home. Compared to conventional heating systems, air heat source pumps use about three-quarters less electrical energy, which will instantly reduce your carbon footprint. Installation costs tend to be higher, but the long-term savings you’ll enjoy make it more the worthwhile. They work by transferring heat from the air outside into your home, increasing the temperature as it is pumped into each room. It passes through a number of coil units, which are also known as blowers. While you cannot use an air heat source pump to heat water in the same way as a boiler, it does offer a number of benefits. You’ll enjoy better control over how you cool and heat your home, so it’s easier to find the ideal temperature setting. Air heat source pumps are easier to install compared to underfloor heating and radiator systems, and autonomous climate control thermostat are constantly monitored to generate peak performance. Don’t forget that you should regularly service your air conditioning units annually, often before the warmer Summer months begin.

How to keep warm during the winter

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