Can I save money with air conditioning?

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Nearly everyone is worried about rising energy costs and higher bills and are looking for ways to save money. Here we explain how you can save money with air conditioning and potentially remove the need for gas to heat your home.

Can air conditioning heat your home?

Traditionally, air conditioning is thought of as a cooling system that can only be used to lower the temperature on warm and hot days. However, modern technology has changed all of that and most new systems are able to provide cold and hot air for indoor spaces. This means they work in the same way as a heat pump, which takes warm air from the outside atmosphere and uses it to heat the indoors. This removes the need to rely on gas, which could save you money on your energy bills.

Can I save money with air conditioning?

The Energy Saving Trust believe that air heat pumps will become the most cost-efficient and low carbon heating system in the coming years. While they need electricity to work, the amount of heat they provide far exceeds the amount of energy used to power the system. Most systems can provide around 3-4 times more energy than the electricity they consume. The government also recently announced that heat pump installations will now be completely VAT free. From April 1, 2022, homeowners will pay 0% VAT on the installation of a new heat pump system, lowering the cost and making it accessible to more people. This applies only to installations and not the heat pump equipment and will remain available until March 2027. Air conditioning is included in this discount, as they provide the same dual use by supplying both cold and hot air.

Replacing gas boilers

The government also previously announced that all new homes will be banned from installing gas and oil boilers from 2025. These initiatives are part of the UK action plan to achieve carbon net zero by 2050. Installing air conditioning offers a viable alternative that still provides the heat your house needs, while also being far more eco-friendly.

Heat and cool your home with air conditioning

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