Getting your air conditioning unit ready for the summer

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Most households will turn their air conditioning unit off during the winter (unless their unit has a warm heat setting) and may not think about using it again until late-spring. This is the perfect time to have the system serviced to ensure it is ready for the hotter period of the year, and below we go into more detail about preparing your air conditioning unit for the summer.

Replace the filters

You may need to either clean or replace the filters in the system. Over time they become clogged with dust and dirt and usually need to be cleaned at least every other month. If they remain clogged up the air flow becomes restricted which impacts the overall efficiency of the system. Some filters can be reused, although most will have to be replaced, so always follow the manufacturer’s guidance.

Clean the condenser coils

Both the fan and condenser coils also need to be cleaned. When installed outside there is a good chance garden debris has accumulated that needs removing. Also, be sure to check inside the box to see if any debris has clogged up the coils. Before doing any work here, make sure the power is turned off. You can use a soft brush on a vacuum head to gently clean the coils, although take care not to bend or damage the coils or fins.

Check the coolant lines

The coolant lines run from the evaporator on the air handler out to the condenser unit. Taka a close look to see if any of the foam insulation surrounding these tubes is missing or frayed. It can be replaced with new foam insulation or with a foam insulation tape wrapped around each line.

Get professional maintenance support

If you are not comfortable cleaning and repairing your air conditioning unit, a professional company will be able to help. From checking the accuracy of the thermostat and identifying refrigerant leaks, to tightening connections and measuring airflow to sustain peak performance, an experienced, reputable company will ensure your unit is ready to provide the cooling air you need when the temperature rises.

Confirm your free maintenance survey and quote

At AAC we help countless homeowners and businesses to maintain their air conditioning systems right throughout the year. To find out more and get book in a free survey and quote, email or call 01707 32 55 66.
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