How Air Conditioning Units Work

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Air conditioning is a wonderful system that can transform the way you live at home. But do you know how air conditioning units work? In this blog we go into more detail to explain the roles of the various components and some of the additional benefits it can offer.

How do air conditioning units work?

There are 5 main steps that an air conditioning unit goes through in order to produce the air that cools the room.

What do each of the components do?


After the cold evaporator coil receives the warm air that has been drawn into the unit and initially passed through an expansion valve it is then evaporated. The heat is transformed back into a gas as it is absorbed by the coils, before moving onto the next stage with the compressor.


This works as a pump to reduce the amount of gas while raising its temperature and pressure to support the condensing part of the process.


Here the heat that has been collected is pumped outside where it is absorbed and changed back into a liquid from a gas. With the heating travelling outdoors, the refrigerant moves back into the evaporator so the process is repeated.

What else do air conditioning units do?

Air conditioning units offer more than just cooling the air in the room. They also provide a number of benefits such as:

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