How much does it cost to install air conditioning?

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There’s lots to be excited about as the spring season begins – not least because it offers the ideal opportunity to get ready for summer and ensure you have a climate control system installed that will keep your home or office cool for the next 3-6 months. Air conditioning companies usually see a surge in enquiries at this time of year so it’s important to start the process now before the rush begins. Here we cover how much it costs to install air conditioning so you can weigh up your options.

What are the different types of air conditioning systems?

Portable air conditioning units are the cheapest and easiest option around. These free-standing units do not need to be installed and can simply be plugged in to operate. However, their cooling power is limited compared to other types, which may not be suitable for all homes and workspaces.

If you need something more powerful, a ducted air conditioning system could be an option. Modern verities can be discreetly installed so they blend in with the surrounding décor. They are ideal for larger areas, with numerous control options to help you find the right temperature balance.

Split air conditioner systems are the most popular type found installed in domestic spaces. It features a panel installed above head height that circulates air over an internal refrigerant to provide cool air into the room. They do not take up any floor space, run very quietly, offer an efficient way to cool the air and can also be colour matched to blend into the room’s environment.

How much does it cost to install air conditioning?

The cost of installing an air conditioning system depends on several different factors, including the number of units required, size of the space, system type and features and the installation company carrying out the job. Generally, you can expect to pay between £1,250 and £2,500 for a split air conditioning system for an individual room. If you need the entire house air conditioned, costs can rise to £5,000 – £9,500. It takes around 4-8 hours to install an air conditioning system, although this can vary depending on the scale of the job. The installation company should give you an indication of how long it takes to complete before work begins, and their quote should also include a full breakdown of costs involved, such as labour, materials and VAT.

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