How to keep cool during the spring and summer

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Warmer temperatures are starting to arrive, and that means your home or office will start to become hotter during the day and night. Whether it’s installing air conditioning or making small changes to your lifestyle, there are a number of ways you can keep cool during the spring and summer, some of which we explain below.

Use your curtains or blinds

You can use your curtains or blinds to reduce the amount of sunlight that comes into the room, which will help to lower the temperature. Direct sunlight coming through the window can add to the humidity in the room, so using the window dressing can make being in the room more bearable, especially during the height of summer.

Turn off the lights

When you replace lightbulbs, you’ll probably notice how hot they can be after they have blown out. All light bulbs emit heat that can make the room feel even warmer, especially when the sun is out. Not only will turning off the lights during the day save you money (tariff rates are usually higher during the day) but you will also hopefully see a difference in temperature.

Use cotton sheets at night

Getting to sleep during a hot spring or summers day can be difficult. Try to avoid using silk or satin sheets on your bed as they will feel heavier and make it harder to drift off. Cotton is the best material to use, as it is lighter and cooler on the skin, helping you regulate your body temperature. If possible, choose white cotton sheets, as lighter colours do not retain as much heat.

Install a high-quality air conditioning unit

Air conditioning units offer one of the best ways to control the temperature in your home. Many modern systems can be controlled via your phone, so you can have cool air flowing through your home at the touch of button. Many systems are quiet to run and come in a variety of colours to blend in discreetly with your décor. Spring is the best time to make an enquiry, as homes and businesses look to install new systems before the start of summer, so it’s a good idea to get in contact with a reputable, professional company as soon as possible to beat the rush.

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