Should I buy an electric car?

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As electric car sales continue to grow, the question for many drivers has become: “Should I buy an electric car?” With a ban on the sale of new petrol and diesel cars due to kick in from 2030, drivers have to weigh up whether they should buy an electric car now, or wait a little bit longer. Here we discuss some of the key benefits of switching to an electric vehicle.

Cheaper than traditional cars

One of the main reasons for going electric is that the vehicles are generally cheaper to run over the course of your ownership. While the upfront cost to buy the car can be more expensive, when you factor in the charging, maintenance, insurance and tax (there is no tax at all for vehicles with zero CO2 emissions), the long-term costs tend to be lower. Some studies even suggest that electric cars can be as much as 49% cheaper than petrol or diesel equivalents.


Electric cars are gaining in popularity largely because they are kinder to the environment. There are no exhaust pipes on the car, so they do not emit toxic carbon gases, which helps to improve both global and local environments. European studies have stated that an electric car can produce at least 60% fewer emissions than most new cars on the road throughout its lifetime. That means cleaner air for everyone and less damaging climate change-causing emissions.

Easy to drive

The quality of build produced by electric car manufacturers is improving all the time. Long gone are the days of sluggish, awkwardly designed vehicles. Today, they run very quietly due to there being fewer moving parts and are faster due to the direct connection between accelerator and electric motors. You can only achieve full power on a petrol or diesel-powered car when the engine is revving quite fast. There also isn’t a bulky engine located inside an electric car, which improves storage options.

Multiple fueling options

A problem with diesel and petrol-powered cars is that you have to go to a petrol station to refuel. It’s not an ideal solution if your tank is low in the morning, or you are travelling long distances and have to detour just to find a station. Electric cars can be recharged at home in your garage, on your driveway, at public charging stations, or even at work (more companies are investing in the technology to support their staff). Home charging stations are relatively cheap, quick to install and make using your car much more convenient. H2: Thinking of installing an EV home charge point? AAC are OLEV-approved installers of electric car chargers for home and business owners. To find out more about our range of electric car charger services, and to organise a free survey and quote, email or call 01707 32 55 66.
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