Wall-mounted and duct air conditioning: which one should I buy?

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When it comes to installing air conditioning units there are two options to choose from: wall-mounted or ducted. They operate in different ways and offer their own unique benefits and below we explain what they are and how they could be the right option for your property.

What is wall mounted air conditioning?

When you install air conditioning on the wall it is compromised of two different units, with one wall-mounted inside and other positioned outside either against a wall, or on the ground. Piping connects the two units through the wall, with warm air and moisture released efficiently to keep the inside of the property cool.

What are the benefits of wall-mounted air conditioning?

A wall mounted air conditioning system is generally considered to be the most cost efficient option for anyone working to a tighter budget. In addition, they will also help to save you money in the long run as they can give you better control over the way you use your heating system, lowering energy bills.

Modern wall mounted designs are not as bulky and cumbersome as the older models used to be, their sleeker design making it easier to blend in with the current aesthetic of the space.

Examples of wall-mounted installations:

What is concealed or ducted air conditioning?

The alternative option to wall-mounted air conditioning is to use a ducted system which can be concealed within walls and recesses. This is more of a concealed system and is perhaps more suited to properties where aesthetics is the number one priority. Both the duct work and the internal fan coil unit are hidden above a suspended ceiling or roof space, with grilles located on multiple walls in the property.

What are the benefits of ducted air conditioning?

Aside from the aesthetic benefits a concealed system can offer to your home or work place, its main advantage is the ability to cool more than one room at a time. The temperature of the entire property can be controlled via a touch of the button, so multiple spaces are cooled simultaneously.

There can be different zones set at different temperatures so it can be cooler or warmer depending on the needs of the people in that space. While modern wall-mounted air conditioning units are much quieter than their older counterparts, ducted systems emit very minimal levels of noise so they operate in the background without disturbance.

Examples of concealed/ducted installations:

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