What is the best air conditioning system to buy?

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So you are thinking about investing in an air conditioning unit, but how do you know which one to buy? Like any technology there are a number of important factors to look at before you spend your money. Below we explain some of the key factors to consider to help you decide which is the best air conditioning unit for your home or work place.

Look at room size

The most important to look at when it comes to buying an air conditioning system is the size of the room(s) they will be installed into. Units that are too small won’t have much impact on the space, while a system that is too big will end up wasting a lot of unneeded energy as it is repeatedly turned on and off trying to find the right temperature balance.


Similar to radiators, air conditioning systems are determined in BTU (British Thermal Unit). This tells you how much cooling the machine can provide for the room. The higher the BTU number, the bigger the room it can cool. Also bear in mind that the more powerful it is, the more it will likely cost to operate, so it is important to find the right balance.

Speed settings

Ensure you invest in an adjustable system so you have better control over air flow. Not only will this make it easier to cool particularly hot rooms, but you will also enjoy a quieter evening and nighttime as it cools the air and enables you to sleep.

Other features

Modern air conditioning units often come with a variety of additional features such as smart or remote thermostats and energy saving settings. A remote thermostat enables you to control the settings using a handheld control, while energy saving options can ensure the space is cooled while helping you save money on energy bills.

What is the best air conditioning system for my home or business?

Deciding on which best air conditioning system to purchase will depend on the factors above, your budget, the air conditions in the installation space and the aesthetics.

Generally speaking, Mitsubishi and Diakin systems are considered to be the best on the market. Daikin are known to make efficient cooling units due to their design, which enables you to adjust and change the temperature as needed. Mitsubishi have also won a number of notable industry awards for their technology, so both brands should be at the top of your list. You can find out more about the differences between wall mounted and duct air conditioning in this blog.

Need help with choosing the right air conditioning system?

If you are unsure which air conditioning unit is best for you and you need some professional advice, get in touch with AAC today and we can discuss your options and arrange a free sit survey at your property. Email info@aac.uk.net or call 01707 32 55 66.

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