What to consider when choosing a EV charger point

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More people than ever are switching to electric vehicles (EVs) because they are cheaper to run and kinder to the environment. If you are making the switch, you may be considering installing a home charge point, but are unsure where to start. Here we look at what to consider when choosing an EV charge point for your property.

Should I buy a tethered or untethered charge point?

There are few things to consider when choosing between a tethered and untethered charge point. Firstly, a tethered charger comes with an attached cable, while an untethered unit does not. Opting for a tethered system means you don’t have to carry the EV cable in the boot of your car. It is also worth taking future developments in mind, because if the technology evolves beyond type 1 and 2 sockets, you could be left with one installed in your home. You can find out more about type 1 and type 2 chargers here. While you’ll have to buy your own cable, an untethered cable generally looks more tidy. The manufacturer will usually provide one with the car, but if it is lost or damaged it can cost around £100 to replace. Untethered units provide more flexibility, which will be particularly helpful if buy a new EW that needs a different plug.

Where to install the charge point

Some things to consider regarding the installation point include: Where is the charging port on your EV? This will influence the positioning of the charge point.
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