When is the best time to install air conditioning?

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You can add an air climate control system to your home or business at any time of the year , but when is the best time to install air conditioning? Spring my not seem the like the ideal time to think about lowering the temperature, but with summer not too far away there are a number of reasons why you should consider it. We explain why below.

Avoid the heat

The sun starts to make more of an appearance in the spring, although it isn’t as warm as the summer. The temperature change in the summer can be difficult to adjust to, so it makes sense to install air conditioning during in the first 3-6 months of the year so you can fully prepare yourself. You can then explore the functions so when it gets warmer you have more control and can easily find the right temperature level as it becomes more humid.

Keep your property warm

Modern air conditioning systems offer more than just keeping rooms and spaces cool. They also offer a great way to raise the temperature so you can find the right balance in the building. If you are planning on using the system for heating, spring is the ideal time to consider installation or maintenance. It offers the chance to try out the system during cool but not freezing conditions, giving you more time to work out how to maximise its performance.

Relieve your hay fever

Pollen counts start to rise in the spring which will start to affect hay fever conditions. Air conditioning can play an important role here, as it can also help to filter out dust, pollen and flies from the air around you. This is great news for people suffering with allergies and it will also improve your overall air quality. Grass pollen (which affects 95% of hay fever sufferers) starts to release in April and oil seed rape pollen in March, so having a reliable air conditioning system in place can make all the difference.

Beat the summer rush

Enquires about air conditioning installation start to increase at the end of winter/start of spring. If you leave it until the summer arrives there is a good chance you could be left at the back of the queue. By the summer most air conditioning companies will have a long list of jobs lined up, so there’s a good chance you’ll be put on a waiting list. Making an enquiry in spring means you stand a better chance of installing an air conditioning system in-time for the summer, so you have the climate control you need when humidity levels are much higher.

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