Why Air Conditioning Commissioning Is So Crucial

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The correct installation of an air conditioning system involves detailed checks to ensure everything has been set up correctly. This is called commissioning, a process carefully followed by the AAC team on each and every job. We explain what air conditioning is and what it involves in more detail.

What is air conditioning commissioning?

Air conditioning commissioning is a vitally important part of the installation process. It usually takes a few hours to complete and involves the engineers making detailed checks to ensure everything has been installed to the correct standard.

When done correctly, it guarantees that the system will operate efficiently and pick up any potential issues that can be smoothed out.

Checks have to be performed to ensure all the units are connected and talking to the right corresponding system parts. Not doing this could lead to communication issues developing between internal and external units.

A quality air conditioning commissioning process should not only happen at the end of the installation. It’s something that should ideally be considered through the entire design process.

What happens during the commissioning?

Commissioning is a process we carry out with the greatest of care and attention at AAC. We know that in order for you to get the most from your system it needs to be installed correctly from the very start. Some of the key steps we follow include:

Strength test

Your air conditioning system will be placed under a lot of consistent pressure when turned on. The strength test ensures the unit and system is able to cope with the expected levels of stress and the gas being pumped through.

Pressure test

Nitrogen is used to find any leaks that could be present in the system. Standard refrigerants used in air conditioning units have molecules that are much smaller than air. This means the piping and system as a whole need to have much better sealing that general plumbing systems, especially given the higher levels of pressure it will experience.

It is also important that any leaks are quickly identified as a leaking refrigerant can seriously damage the environment.


The final step involves evacuating the system. This involves ensuring there is no air or moisture present inside. The system should be held in a vacuum state for at least 12 hours before it can be signed off.


A thorough air conditioning commissioning ensures the system performs to the highest possible standard. While it takes a little longer than a quick set up, you will not have to worry about issues developing that could damage the system and cause it to breakdown in need of major repair work.

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