Why air conditioning maintenance is key during the summer

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With the British weather at its peak during July and August, having a reliable air conditioning unit installed in your business can make all the difference. But in order to get the most from your system you should carry out basic proactive maintenance, instead of reacting when something goes wrong.

Clean or replace the filters

The filters play a key role in the performance levels of your air conditioning unit and you should regularly check for any build-up of dust and dirt etc. If it needs cleaning, use an air blower and then some lukewarm water before allowing it some time to dry. Read more about air conditioning filters.

Check the coil fins

Use a fin comb on the internal and external part of your unit to straighten out the coil fins because over time they tend to become distorted or damaged. It’s also a good idea to clean the coil fins with a water jet pump at regular intervals to keep the system working at an optimum level. Read more about how air conditioning works.

Unclog the drains

If the drain at the back of the air conditioning unit becomes clogged and stops water from draining away this needs to be cleared. If not, the water will be unable to leave the unit and could drip inside the room, ultimately leading to a higher level of humidity in the space.

What are the benefits of air conditioning maintenance?

While the above tells you how to carry out some key areas of maintenance, it’s important to understand the reasons why and the benefits it can provide:

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