The AAC House

The AAC House

Welcome to the AAC House

The most common use of air conditioning within the home is cooling and usually thats for a specific room like the master bedroom. However, there are many more applications for air conditioning throughout your house and a number of benefits for your health and wellbeing.

Explore the rooms below by clicking to reveal more information on how air conditioning can help room by room.


Welcome to The AAC House
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Loft Rooms

Loft rooms can be unbearably hot in the warmer months without air conditioning which can be concealed within the eaves voids. Modern AC systems can also heat which provides the perfect climate control all year round.

Master Bedroom

We design and install air conditioning that's near silent providing filtered air helping you stay cool and allergy free for a great nights sleep. Select from a wide range of new AC units to match the colour scheme of your room.


Air conditioning can be built into kitchen units making it virtually invisible without the need for a unit on the wall. Helps to make the kitchen more bearable during the Summer months.

The Lounge

Adjusting your climate can make all the difference when entertaining or during those long winter or summer nights. With options like concealed systems or units in different colours to match your decor you can adjust your AC system to suit your style and requirements.


Installing air conditioning throughout your home allows you to reduce the amount of pollutants and allergens such as pollen and dust that normally hangs around. A constant stream of filtered air helps removes irritants and keeps the air your breathe clean.

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